Who is Aleksandr Dugin

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Udgivelsesdato: 17. oktober 2018

Længde: 00:08:20

"I am against national statehood"
(Danish & English subtitles available).

During this first episode of "An interview with Aleksandr Dugin", Jesper Larsen, journalist at dkdox.tv, questions the Russian philosopher and political analyst in Moscow, to figure out: Who is Aleksandr Dugin?

Western media has portrayed him as a nationalist, however, he states that he is against national statehood. The person of Aleksandr Dugin has been pictured in Danish mainstream media, such as Jyllandsposten and Berlingske, referring to him as a nationalist, or even an ultranationalist.

He claims that his name and his writings, has been used to demonize Russian relations for geopolitical reasons.

Further more, he encourages Western-civilizations to stay out of the affairs of non-Western civilizations.

Interview recorded December 2017

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Jesper Larsen
Jesper Larsen



Aleksandr Dugin
Aleksandr Dugin